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Hello wonderful people of EFF, We welcome you all once again to our platform.

You are currently in the process of starting your own business, as you are ready to access the fund. But to help you succeed, we believe you need a plan on how to go about it.

Therefore, within the next few weeks, we shall be taking you through our entrepreneurship series on steps to starting and running your business in six steps, in six weeks.

Come let’s get cracking as we outline the steps and shall consolidate on each step in subsequent posts.

  1. Lay The Foundation
    • Clarify your business concept
    • Create your company identity
    • Get organized
  2. Get The Information You Need
    • Learn more about your industry
    • Research your target market
    • Check out your competition
    • Find suppliers
    • Consider strategic partners
    • Broaden/establish your network
  3. Cut Through The Red Tape
    • Deal with legal and licensing matters
    • Build your team and personnel structure
  4. Take Care Of Operations
    • Find and secure a location
    • Design your work space and production process
    • Research the technology to be employed
    • Consider how you will distribute your product
    • Design procedure for handling administrative tasks
  5. Deal With Money Issues
    • Deal with money matters
    • Consider financing
  6. Open Your Door
    • Develop marketing plan
    • Set up a simple website
    • Start making sales
    • Hold your ground opening
    • Look towards the future

We shall continue with details of each of the steps. Like Our Page to follow us.


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